Terms of Reference



In previous years, the Foundation has concentrated on improving the lives of Ghanaians mainly through education and health.


In the next five years, The Vodafone Ghana Foundation will concentrate on particular groups within the economy whose development is believed to lead to a multiplying transformational effect on several others. 

The strategic goal of Vodafone Ghana Foundation is to deploy high impact programmes through its technology platforms to support vulnerable groups to make incremental contribution to Ghana’s economic development agenda. The Foundation is currently looking for partners to run the programs in the new strategy. 

Below are the Terms of Reference for prospective partners of the Foundation. 

  1. Terms of Reference for Revive Project: Download Here
  2. Terms of Reference for Healthfest: Download Here 
  3. Terms of Reference for Healthline 255: Download Here
  4. Terms of Reference for Youth Alive Project: Download Here
  5. Terms of Reference for Employee Volunteering Project: Download Here 


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