Helpful Tips about GSM Roaming

Before embarking on any trip out of Ghana, kindly adhere to the tips below

  • Visit and read about the Vodafone World Package Plans. Note that it is generally cheaper to roam on a Vodafone partnered networks.  Example are, Vodacom (South Africa) Safaricom (Kenya), (AT&T) United States, Vodafone United Kingdom, Australia, France, the Netherlands, etc..
  • If you are a prepaid or hybrid customer, ensure you have enough airtime bundled before you travel. For prepaid customers, dial the short code *150# and select option 4 to activate Roaming. For Hybrid customers, dial *128# and select option 3 to activate Roaming.
  • If you are a corporate post-paid customer, put in a written request through your Account Manager to activate Roaming seven days before you travel.
  • If you are an individual post-paid customer, visit any retail shop to complete a request form to activate Roaming before you travel.
  • If you are on any of our post-paid packages, be extremely mindful of your voice calls, text messages and most importantly browsing of the internet.
  • To reduce consumption of your data while roaming, use the Wi-Fi networks when in hotels, offices etc.
  • Also, take note of all applications running in the back ground of your phone and restrict them. 
  • If you are using an android device, set data limit as well as data usage warning limit.
  • Minimise your use of social media such as Skype, Tango, Viber, Facebook, etc. 
  • Mind the Kids
  • Keep your phone safe and report theft immediately to the Police   

High Data Usage

The advent of smartphones comes with fantastic user experience on 3G, HSPA, 4G, etc. However, this accounts for upsurge in mobile data usage. To avoid incurring huge bills while roaming, take note of the applications running on your phone.

Applications are updated automatically or upon your request (already installed on the phone) and these may use up to 5MB to 1.2 GB of your data. It is recommended that you perform all application updates via Wi-Fi.

Other activities accounting for high data usage when roaming include use of social media applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Tango, Viber, Imo, Line, etc.

Advertisements and pop-ups usually come with free software downloads from the android market (Play Store) which uses up data. To avoid this, you are advised to purchase professional versions of any software that you need.

It is highly recommended that, before you embark on any trip out of Ghana, inspect the settings of your phone and familiarise yourself with how to turn your data services on/off.


Set Data Limit on Android

Change the Settings icon on your home screen or apps screen, and then select 'wireless & networks'. Choose 'Data usage'. Toward the top of the screen you will find the on-off switch for 'Mobile Data'. In order to use mobile data this needs to be switched ‘on’ (i.e. if it is off you will not be using any cellular data).


Touch the 'Data usage cycle' drop down. This allows you to choose the date range within which you will measure data use. Set it to the same cycle as your mobile phone or tablet SIM-billing cycle by dragging the white lines to the correct dates.


Set a data usage warning
 limit: simply drag the orange line by its right side to the level where you want to receive a warning. Now when your data usage reaches this level between the dates you have set you will receive a notification and can cut down on your data usage.

Now to set an absolute data usage limit beyond which your phone just will not use mobile data for the rest of the time period you set (you can override this).


Enable the 'Set mobile data limit' checkbox. A dialog pops up with further information about setting a mobile data limit.

Click 'Okay' and the red line at the top of the graph becomes active. Drag that line by its right side to set the limit - set a conservative limit: your mobile operator's judgement of how much data you have used may differ from what your phone or tablet records.  (You may have been tethering
and hot spotting which leads to an increase in data.)

When your data usage reaches the limit you have set, you will receive a further notification and mobile data will be turned off. Lots of features will no longer work, but you will at least be spared the pain of a surprisingly large bill at the end of the month.

In case of any issues while roaming, contact the Vodafone Ghana Experience Centre on +233505555111.


Upon Arrival 

  • Your GSM phone assumes the characteristics of the wireless network in each country you visit. So if you are travelling your phone will work like a local wireless device.
  • Upon arrival, you should learn how to make local calls in the country visited.
  • While roaming outside Ghana be sure to make all international calls using the international format (+, country code, number). For example, to place an international call back to Ghana, dial +233, then the operator code and number (+23320 xxx xxxx). On most GSM devices, holding down the 0 key will cause the + sign to appear.
  • When you are abroad and turn on your phone, it will automatically search for a wireless network. Registration usually occurs within 30-40 seconds. When the name or network number of the local operator is displayed, your phone should be ready to use.
  • Like any other appliance, you will need a universal phone charger and plug adapters for the countries you are visiting.
  • In some countries, using a wireless phone while driving is prohibited. Contact the local tourist information office for regulations that may apply.

In case of any issues while roaming, contact the Vodafone Ghana Experience Centre on +233505555111. Visit to purchase air time while roaming.  Expresspay App is available on Android and App store for quick and easy access.