Vodafone Fixed Line Prepaid

Enjoy top quality service on your Vodafone fixed line on your own terms. By choosing the Vodafone fixed line prepaid plan, you ensure that you are totally in control of your telephone spend. This means that you decide how much credit to load onto your line at your convenience.

Managing and recharging your account is really very simple. We give you the flexibility to manage your PIN, which means you get direct access to top up and check the balance on your account.

Top-up cards range from GH¢ 1 to 50 and are available at any Vodafone Shop or a Retail Shop near you.

You can also use your prepaid fixed line to access all Vodafone fixed line services including dial-up and fax.

As a Vodafone customer on the prepaid fixed line plan, you can as well have access to the credit on your line and use it on any fixed telephone even when you are away from home. Simply key in your account or authentication (last 9 digits of your land line number e.g. 302505050) and PIN number after dialling the access code 1090 and follow the voice prompt for guidance.

To register or to find out more about this plan, walk into the nearest Vodafone Shop or call 100 (toll free) for assistance.

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